February 9, 2019

Geonorge symbols in QGIS

Geonorge symbols in QGIS

Geonorge has a very useful symbol register - https://register.geonorge.no/symbol/files/index

There are seven symbol packs to choose from. You can download the entire pack, or individual symbols in varying formats.

For this example I am going to use SVG. Instead of downloading all the files, we can use the symbols directly from Geonorge by using a URL.\

  • In QGIS, open a point dataset. Next open up layer properties of your point datasett.
  • Choose the Symbology tab.
  • Click Simple marker.
  • Change Symbol layer type to SVG marker.
  • In the text field under the symbol picker, add a URL for one of the symbols available through Geonorge

If you want to give the symbols a white background:

  • Add a new symbol layer
  • The symbol type should be Simple marker
  • Make sure this layer is below the SVG
  • Change the symbol to a square
  • Make the size the same as the SVG
  • Change the fill and outline colours to white
  • Click OK or Apply and then OK