September 12, 2019

Geonorge Digital Cartography Register

Geonorge Digital Cartography Register

Geonorge has, for some time now, had a register that contains SLD, QML and LYR files for some of the most common datasets that are available to download. This is a fantastic resource as it means its possible to save lots of time by using someone elses symbology files. Most of the ones available from Geonorge are "official" files, which have been added by the data owner. You can find the register here

Today I learnt something new.

If you have a Geonorge account, you can log in and upload your own files. These are obviously marked as unofficial. This means others can make use of the hard work you have put into symbolising a dataset.

Plandata in Norway is such a dataset that does not have readily available symbology available from Geonorge. So I thought I would add the files we have made for displaying plan data in Temakart Rogaland.

To upload your own symbology files, log into Geonorge, you will see a "Legg til" button appears at the top of the table showing all the available symbol files. All you have to do is add some simple information (name, description, important columns used for symbolising) and the files will be published on Geonorge.

The files I have added today can be found here. Please do send me feedback on these files.