QGIS 2.6 is released - and is fully translated into Norwegian

A whole version of QGIS earlier than originally planned, we are finished with the translation of QGIS into Norwegian.

We hope to keep QGIS fully translated for future releases.

For a visual guide to the new features in QGIS 2.6, see here

If anyone would like to help out with the website or the documentation, it would be much appreciated.

Fellesordliste for GIS ord - bokmål

When I started learning Norwegian seriously after I moved to Norway, I found it very helpful to use the Fellesordliste for dataord på bokmål for computer terminology, but this list doesn’t cover all GIS terminology.

Once I decided that translating QGIS would be a good way to improve my Norwegian, it became apparent that a similar list for GIS might be useful to others. So we decided to share what we have done so other people can use it.

Shortly after I started the QGIS translation, I was joined by Maléne Peterson. Maléne is my counterpart at Rogaland Fylkeskommune, and we work together to further the use of GIS within the county of Rogaland. This GIS word list was compiled by the two of us from our work translating QGIS. We are really keen to have discussions with people about this and to find out what are considered to be the correct words we should use for GIS terms. It will also enable us to improve the quality of the QGIS translation if people have good suggestions.

We plan to expand this list as we continue with the translation.

If you have comments about any of the translations, or would like to suggest new words, please use the comment section below.

And if you want to get involved with translating QGIS into your language, then you can find more information here

You never know, one day we might attempt NyNorsk…


There are many sources from which these translations were taken. The main ones are:

Engelsk Norsk entall – singular Norsk flertall – plural
Aerial Photograph et ortofoto ortofoto
Alignment justering
Attribute et attributt attributtindekser
Attribute index en attributtindeks attributtindekser
Attribute table en attributttabell attributttabeller
Buffer en buffer(sone) buffere
Column en kolonne kolonner
Curve en kurve kurver
Coordinate System et koordinatsystem koordinatsystem
Data Source en datakilde datakilder
Grid et rutenett rutenett
Image et bilde bilder
Label en påskrift påskrifter
Layer et lag lag
Layout (print layout/composer) en utskriftslayout utskriftslayouter
Legend en tegnforklaring tegnforklaringer
Line / Lines en linje linjer
Map Canvas et kartvindu kartvindu
Map Unit en kartenhet kartenheter
Node et knutepunkt knutepunkt
North arrow en nordpil nordpiler
Overview en oversikt oversikter
Plugin et programtillegg programtillegg
Point et punkt punkt
Polygon en flate flater
Primary key en primærnøkkel primærnøkler
Query en spørring spørringer
Raster et raster raster
Row en rad rader
Scale en målestokk målestokker
Scalebar en målestokkslinje målestokkslinjer
Spatial (adj) romlig romlige
Spaital index et romlig indeks romlige indekser
Schema et skjema skjema
Table en tabell tabeller
Transparency gjennomsiktighet
Vector en vektor vektorer


Engelsk Norsk – infitiv Norsk – presens Norsk – preteritum Norsk – presens perfektum
to buffer å bufre bufrer bufret har bufret
to clip å klippe klipper klippet har klippet
to digitise å digitalisere digitaliserer digitaliserte har digitalisert
to merge å slå sammen slår sammen slo sammen har slått sammen
to render å tegne opp tegner opp tegnet opp har tegnet opp